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Beverages are included Tea, coffee, Sukku malli coffee, Instant juice. No added chemicals or preservatives in our products. We have herbal tea powder, Blue mountain tea powder, Chemical free tea powder, Green tea, Filter coffee powder. 

All the powder was prepared by natural process with good quality and good taste. We are protecting natural properties in our products.

For eg. Herbal tea powder contains Athimathuram, siththarathai, Sukku, Milagu, Omam, Karunseeragam, Vallarai, Roja, Thamarai, Aavarai, Venthaiyam which helps in fights against cold, Improves digestion, Boost immune system, Controls blood pressure level and sugar level, Reduces inflammation, Relieve stress and Anxiety.

Buy natural products and live healthily and support tamilnadu made products.