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Coco soap manufacturing homemade soaps which is located in vellore. And they are manufacturing so many Varieties of soaps. 

Multanimeti soap, Papaya Soap, AavaramPoo soap, Aloevera soap, Kuppaimeni soap, Lavender soap, Orange Soap, Rose Soap, Tulsi & Mint soap, Cow milk soap, Kasthuri manjal Soap, Potato Soap, Neem Soap, 

Herbal Soap clears off impurities and dirt from the skin's surface and deeply moisturizes the skin to give a perfectly toned and glowing complexion. 100% organic soap suits to normal, dry and oily skins. made with real coconut oil, rose, essential oil. Natural home made soap which act as anti bacterial soap. Herbal soap give glowing skin and protect from germs.