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Gogo products manufacturing Dishwash gel, Detergent liquid, Detergent powder located in Ramanathapuram.

Detergent liquid:

Advance foam technology of detergent liquid which is innovative product and helps to remove the stain in less water. And make the fabric good and fresh.

Detergent liquid helps to remove the stain and its prevent shrinking and fading, detergent liquid keeps clothes soft, bright, make the fabric good and fresh. Detergent liquid for both front load and top load machine.

Detergent powder:

Detergent powder is used for washing machine as well as hand wash.

Detergent powder is gentle on clothes and remove the stubborn stains and protect the fabric color and refreshing the fragrance.

Detergent powder is safe and gentle on your hands.  

Dishwash gel: 

Dishwash gel is dishwashing detergent that is formulated in gel form. Dishwash gel is soften even the hardest water and ensures effective cleaning of dishes, glasses, and other cooking utensils. 

Dishwash gel cleans dishes to a sparkling shine, rinse clean, and leave the whole kitchen fresh. Because of their form, dishwasher gels and easy to use and clean dishes.