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Best Natural Health Mix Powder Homemade Online
Vasan Enterprises

100% Natural Health Mix 400g Vasan Enterprises

Regular price Rs. 118.00 Sale price Rs. 120.00

Product: Health Mix

Quantity: 400g

100% Natural Product.

Features And details:

  1. This is vegetarian Product, 100% Organic Health Mix
  2. Free of any artificial flavor, color or preservatives
  3. made of 14 cereals - Ragi, Badam, Wheat, Green gram, Maize, Cashew, Red rice, Barley, Sago, Fried Gram, Groundnut, Cardamom Etc
  4. Boosts Stamina & Bones in growing Children, Ideal for elder peoples as it is easy to digest, Highly beneficial for pregnant ladies and breast feeding mothers. 

Best before 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

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