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Jegatha Turmeric Powder

Jegatha turmeric powder preparing 2 types of face turmeric powder in home. 1. normal kasthuri manjal turmeric powder 2. Herbal turmeric powder. 


Kasthuri turmeric powder, virali turmeric powder, kuli turmeric powder, Pongal turmeric powder and has five different kinds of turmeric. It also includes neem leaves, tulsi, marikolundhu, vasambu, kooraikkilangu, kuppaimeni.


Herbal Turmeric Powder used as natural unwanted hair removal product.

Herbal Turmeric Powder reduces sweat odour, will give smooth and aromatic feel.

Herbal turmeric Powder can be used for the whole body.

Kasthuri Manjal gives shining and glowing Skin 

Kasthuri Manjal cures pimples, Marks and functioning as anti bacterial.

Kasthuri Manjal makes freshness throughout the day

Best before 12 months from the date of manufactured.