100% Natural Marachekku Sesame oil/Gingelly Oil 1 ltr Black Gold Edible Oils

Product: Marachekku Sesame oil

Quantity: 1 ltr

Benefits of Gingelly / Sesame Oil

  • Helps in preventing Diabetes Increases HDL Cholesterol level and reduces LDL (Bad) Cholesterol levels as it contains Phytosterols that helps in blocking Bad Cholesterol production.
  • Protects heart's health and reduces BP (Blood Pressure)Its anti-cancer compounds like Magnesium, Phytosterols & Phytic acid prevents cancer.
  • Contains high quality protein and fibre for proper digestion.
  • Highly recommended for those with weakness & anaemia.Protects DNA from radiation damage.
  • Boosts oral health, eye and respiratory health.
  • Helps in relieving arthritis, preventing Osteoporosis and protecting bone health.

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Best Before 6 months from the date of packaging.