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Narumugai Herbals

Narumugai herbals located in Chennai who is manufacturing Pure herbal tea powder and homemade herbal soaps. 

Herbal Soap made with Avarampoo, Neem leaf, Rose Petals, Soap Nuts, Alamond, Green gram, and more then 10 herbals and coconut oil. Herbal soap Prevents and cures all types of skin problem and make glowing skin. 

Herbal Tea Powder Made with Athimathuram, siththarathai, Sukku, Milagu, Omam, Karunseeragam, Vallarai, Roja, Thamarai, Aavarai, Venthaiyam. Herbal tea powder benefits are Fights the Cold.Improve Digestion,Boosts Immune System and control blood pressure and sugar level, Reduces Inflammation, Anti-Aging,  Relieve Stress and Anxiety.

Take healthily foods and live healthily.