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Nivedyam & Co manufacturing Tea powder and sanitary napkins. 

Tea Powder:

Good quality and Natural smell & Taste. Finest tea leaves blended with 100% natural ingredients that keep health benefits intact. View all various tea products like green tea, ooty tea, herbal tea, lemon tea and ginger tea.

Chemical free tea buy online. Natural tea helps in cure cold and cough. And tea helps to regulate the blood pressure level. And Natural tea's good aroma helps to keep fresh throughout the day. 

Intake natural chemical free tea and feel the real freshness. 

Sanitary Napkins:

Herbal sanitary napkins are the only solution to their periods related issues and many other problems.

Herbal Napkins use pure cotton, Neem, Basil, Aloevera, Thulsi etc. Herbal napkins protect from itching and burning sensation ache.

Herbal Napkins protect from uterus infection, PCOD and uterus cancer.

Herbal napkins act against bacteria and it kills the bacteria. Herbal sanitary pads helps heat and provides coolness.  

Use herbal napkins and prevent from several problems.