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Sajai Foods and Spices manufacturing Fruits and vegetable powder and Panam Kilangu (palmyra sprout) health mix, Stevia sugar.

Multiple varieties of Instant Fruits and vegetables powder are available which is very healthy and helps to boost our immune system. There is no added chemicals or preservatives in the products. 

Banana powder, Beetroot powder, Carrot powder, Coriander leaves powder, Garlic powder, Ginger powder, Green chilli powder, Lemon powder, Mint leaf powder, Orange powder, Pineapple powder, Potato powder, Red onion powder, Tamarind powder, Tender coconut powder, Tomato powder, White onion powder. 

The Fruits and vegetables powder helps in resolving medical problems like hypertension, obesity, diabetes. 

We can use the banana powder, Pineapple powder, Tender coconut powder, Carrot powder, Lemon powder, Orange powder as a instant juice which will give instant energy to the body.

We can make variety rices in breakfast & lunch by using Carrot powder, Coriander leaves powder, Mint leaf powder, tamarind powder, Tomato powder.

Buy chemical free products and live healthily. 

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