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Suma products located in chennai who is manufacturing 5 types of health mix. 

Some of the health mix involves resolving the medical problems. 

Sprouted health mix, Baby health mix, Knee joint pain relief, weigh loss health mix, Diabetes health mix. 

Health mix:

Health mix is Natural and Nutrition Foods.

Balanced Nutrition mix with 32 types whole gram is prepared with hygienically clean, Sprouted, Fried and grinder home made process.

100% Natural Multigrain Sprouted Health mix 

Health mix contains a high nutrient content of vitamins, mineral, proteins and boosts stamina. Health mix is vegetarian product, free of any artificial flavor, color or preservatives. Health mix Boosts stamina and Bones in growing children's, ideal for elder peoples as it is easy to digest. Varieties of health mix available like Diabetics health mix, Sprouted health mix, Knee joint relief pain health mix and Millet health mix. 100% organic health mix and natural products.

Health mix helps in brain and body development in babies. Health mix Highly nutritious fiber rich and easily digestible.

Health Mix used to boost immune system and make a healthy body. Health mix is best foods for kids.

Health Mix Highly beneficial for pregnant ladies and breast feeding mothers. 

Sprouted Baby Health Mix:


Ragi, Wheat, Samba Wheat, Pearl Millet, White Corn, Green Gram, Raw Rice, Red Rice, Red Gram Dhal, Barley, Sabudhana, Roasted Gram, Cashew Nut, Almonda, Elaichi, Dried Ginger, Cumin.


Baby health mix helps to strong the babies immune system to prevent from diseases and makes strong and active throughout the day. 

Baby health mix is 100% Natural Home Made Products.

Diabetes Health Mix:

27 Natural ingredients added which helps to reduce the diabetes and boost the immune system to live healthily. 

100% Natural Home Made Products. 

Weight Loss Mix

Weight Loss Mix made up of 19 Natural ingredients which used to the reduce the obesity and prevent from diabetes. Best Homemade Weight Loss Mix Drinks To Lose Weight Fast.

Weight loss mix is 100% Natural Home Made Products. 

Knee Joint pain Relief Mix 


Mudakkathan Keerai, Kollu, Siththarathai, Cumin, Rock Salt, Dry Ginger, Pepper, Cardamom, Ragi, Samai, Thinai, Varagu, Panivaragu, Wheat, Barley, Green Peas, Dhall and grams, Kuppai Keerai, Curry Leaves, Black Sesame seeds.


Using of this mix continuously 3 months it will cure joint knee pain and helps to improve the health and prevent from tiredness. 

Knee Joint pain Relief Mix is 100% Natural Home Made Products.