Buy Detergent Liquid 2 ltr and get 250ml of Dishwash gel Free | Gogo Products


Buy 2  Ltr of detergent liquid and get 250ml of dishwash gel free. 


Detergent Liquid:

Detergent Liquid is Advanced foam technology which is innovative product and helps to remove the stain in less water. Detergent Liquid helps to make the fabrics good and fresh. Detergent Liquid prevents shrinking and fading, it keeps clothes soft and Bright.

Dishwash Gel:

Dishwash gel with the power of lemon, gives complete cleaning of the utensils. Dishwash gel is helps to remove the stain from all kind of utensils. The use of Dishwash gel helps to prevent the utensil from bacteria.

Best Before 12 months from the date of packaging.