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Virunthu exports who is manufacturing best quality of health mix & Herbal kasthuri manjal in home.

Health mix contains a high nutrient content of vitamins, mineral, proteins and boosts stamina.

Health mix is vegetarian product, free of any artificial flavor, color or preservatives. Boosts stamina and Bones in growing children's, ideal for elder peoples as it is easy to digest.

Varieties of health mix available like Diabetics health mix, Sprouted health mix, Knee joint relief pain health mix and Millet health mix. 100% organic health mix and natural products.

Product: Kasthuri Manjal Mix


Kasthuri Manjal, Kilangu Manjal, Vetiver, Poolankilangu, Marikozhunthu, Sembaruthi, Neem Leaf, Rose Petals. 


1. Kasthuri Manjal gives shining and glowing Skin 

2. Kasthuri Manjal cures pimples, Marks and functioning as anti bacterial.

3. Kasthuri Manjal makes freshness throughout the day