6 types of amazing Beauty care Products from Lachu Products | Free delivery


Alovera Glycerin soap - 5 unit ( 100g of per soap)

Herbal Face Pack - 250g

Herbal shikkaikai Powder - 500g

Herbal Hair Oil - 250ml

Bathing Powder - 500g

Herbal Tooth Powder - 100g

1. Alovera Glycerin Soap:

Alovera Glycerin Soap made up full of alovera extract which gives glowing sking and good aroma. 

Alovera Glycerin Soap Suits for all types of skins.

Alovera Glycerin Soap out of Chemicals and toxins. 

2. Herbal Face Pack:


Thulasi, Poolankilangu, Kasthuri Manjal, Neem Leaf, Rose Petals, Orange Peels, Vasambu,Aavaram Poo, Multhani Matti, Pachipayuru, Vettiyer, Lemon Peel.


Regular use of Herbal face pack bring glow to skin, improve skin texture and complexion.

Herbal Face Pack helps to protect the face from formation of wrinkles, fine lines and sagging of skin.

Herbal Face Pack makes the skin look young and healthy.

3.Herbal shikkaikai Powder:


Vettiver, Fenugreek, Green Gram, Marikolunthu, Neem Leaves, Rose Petals, Hibiscus, Curry Leaves, Poonthikottai, Moong dhall, Aavarm Poo, Makilampoo etc.,


Traditional herbal hair wash powder, increase hair growth, controls hair fall and dandruff effectively.

Traditional herbal hair wash Powder is also rich in vitamins like C, A, E and K and other micronutrients that nourish your scalp and boost hair growth.

Traditional herbal hair wash powder helps to makes the body cool 

Traditional herbal hair wash powder makes the hair soft and shiny. 

Traditional herbal hair wash powder prevent premature greying and whitening of hair. 

 4. Herbal Hair Oil:


bhringraj Powder, Curry Leaves, Neem Leaves, Gooseberry, Fenugreek, Hibiscus leaves, Hibiscus flower, Moringa leaves and flower, Henna leaves, Basil leaves, Marikolunthu, Rose Petals, Aavarm Poo, Makilam Poo, Potuthalai etc.,


100 percentage safe and helps to new hair growth....added 20+ herbals.. Time to say good bye to Dandruff, grey hair and hair fall. You can get best results in 3 weeks

5. Bathing Powder:


Poolangilangu, Kasthuri Manjal, Neem leaf, Rose Petals, Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Vasambu, Aavarampoo, Karpoga Arisi, Green Gram, Vettiver, Nannariver.


Herbal Bathing powder is a chemical free product.

Herbal bathing powder combines the rich extract of natural herbs that provides amazing beauty of the skin and glowing skin.

Herbal bathing powder make feel fresh throughout the day.

Herbal bathing powder prevent the skin from skin infections and skin disorders like eczema. 

Herbal bathing powder helps to remove the unwanted hair from the skin

6. Tooth Powder:


Cinnamom, Acacia Nilotica, Green Camphor, Salt, Lemon Peel, gooseberry Powder. 


Tooth Powder cures all types of teeth problems like teeth ache, Stained Teeth, Cavities, Gum problems, Infected teeth, teeth sensitivity and make healthy Teeth

Natural home made traditional beauty care products.