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Best Bengal Gram Online Tamilnadu
Kazhani Farmers Producer Company Ltd

Kadalai Paruppu (Bengal Gram) 1 kg Kazhani Farmers Producer Company Ltd

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Product: Kadalai Paruppu

Quantity: 1 kg

Bengal gram:

Bengal gram also known as black chana is a highly beneficial pulse belonging to the chickpea family. We all know it as chana dal, a staple ingredient in the Indian cuisine. This is a pocket-friendly storehouse of energy, due to its huge list of nutritional benefits it encompasses. It is highly nutritious, has a rich flavour and aroma, amazingly delicious and easily digested. It is mostly cultivated in India.


  • Bengal gram has the ability to boost energy.
  • Bengal gram prevents diabetes.
  • Bengal gram improves digestion.
  • Bengal gram improves bone health.
  • Bengal gram helps in controlling blood pressure level.
  • Bengal gram improves heart health.

Best before 3 months from the date of packaging. 

We are receiving the product directly from farmers. Best Bengal Gram Online Tamilnadu

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