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Best Top Loading Washing Machine Online

India's Lowest Cost Top Loading Washing Machine - Free Home Delivery

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Product: Washing Machine (Free Home Delivery)

Weight: 11 kg

1 year Warranty*

Operating Instructions:

1. Add the water manually for wash and rinse. Don't run without water.

2. Mix adequate detergent powder/detergent liquid with water and put the clothes one by one. And soak for few minutes. 

3. Switch on the timer to wash the clothes. There is no guarantee for timer. Please do not try to change the direction of timer switch from clock wise to anti clock while the machine in operation. 

4. At any point of time do not turn /operate the timer switch anti clock wise. 

5. Please don't put all clothes at one stretch. To enhance the durability of machine it is suggested to wash moderate amount of clothes at one time.

6. Always while washing bed sheets or any other heavy clothes, it is advised to wash only one time at a time, May be one or few soft clothes could be adding along. 

*Service center available for warranty and service. Details will be provided along with the product.  


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