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Best Varagu Buy Online 1kg (Kodo Millet)
Kazhani Farmers Producer Company Ltd

Varagu 1 kg (Kodo Millet) From Kazhani Farmers Producer Company Ltd

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Product: Varagu

Quantity: 1 kg

Varagu Rice:

Varagu rice was domesticated in India almost 3000 years ago. It is found across the old world in humid habitats of tropic and sub-tropic. It is minor grain crop in India. Its cultivation in India is generally confined to Gujarat, Karnataka and parts of Tamil Nadu. The fibre content of the whole grain is very high. As with other food grains, the nutritive value of varagu rice protein could be improved by supplementation of legume protein.


  • Varagu rice is rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Varagu rice is high in nutrition which is good for children.
  • Varagu rice has high fiber content.
  • Varagu rice is digestion friendly.
  • Varagu rice helps in the reduction of cancer risk.
  • Varagu rice helps in controlling blood sugar and cholesterol.

Best before 4 months from the date of Packaging

The product directly receiving from farmers. 

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