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Best Black Gram Dal Recipe Halwa Mix Home Made Online
Bharthi foods

Home made Traditional Food of Black Gram Dhal Halwa mix 500g Bharthi foods

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Product: Black Gram Dhal Halwa mix

Qty: 500gm 

Preperation of Black gram dhal halwa mix:


Bharthi Black Gram Dhal Halwa Mix - 200gms

Water - 750ml

Karuppatti/Palm Jaggery - 200gms / 250gms(more sweetness)

nallennai/ Jingelly oil - 150ml

Step 1:

Add Palm Jaggery with little amount of water(50ml) and heat it with minimum flame till Jaggery melts. 

Strain it and add it to a Pan.

Step 2:

Take a vessel and add halwa mix with given quantity of water and mix well with clean hand becoz mix with hand gives better 

result.(no lumbs)

Step 3:

After dilute the mix add it with jaggery syrup. Now keep mixing and cooking on a low heat till it thickens.

Add oil slowly and mix well.

Step 4:

Mix well untill the halwa does not stick with pan. Switch off the flame.

Halwa is now ready.

Allow it to cool.. Eat in moderate warmth.


This is a special recipe which i given to girl children when they attain puberty. It is a traditional recipe which is proven that it strengthens pelvic bones and their bones. 

It has lots of iron.. So it is very good for health and child growth..

No added color, Preservatives, Artificial ingredients. 100% natural home made traditional product.

Best before 4 months from the date of packaging. 



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