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Kazhani Farmers Producer Company Ltd

Brown Chana (Karuppu kodaikadalai) 1 kg Kazhani Farmers Producer Company Ltd

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Product: Brown Chana 

Quantity: 1 kg

Best before 6 months from the date of packaging. 

We are receiving the product directly from farmers. 


North, South, East or west, all Indian kitchens is stocked up with chana dal. It is used as the main ingredient in dishes like dal and vada, and also used for tempering and in the preparation of masalas. In regions of South India, it is also used to make payasam and other sweet treats. This is also super-healthy. Apart from its known benefit like protein content, chana also has other significant pluses.


  • Chana provides energy.
  • Chana is an excellent source of vegetarian protein.
  • Chana keeps your heart healthy.
  • Chana is diabetic friendly.
  • Chana lowers blood pressure.
  • Chana helps in weight loss.

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