Chaat Masala 200g ( From Nellai Masala)

Product: Chaat Masala

Quantity: 200g(100g of 2)


Most chaats owe their snazzy, tongue-tickling flavour to this peppy masala. Made of everyday spices, combined smartly with pungent ingredients like black salt and amchur powder, the Chaat Masala has a strong aroma, which draws one to any dish it is added to. And, it surely lives up to the expectations by imparting a very enjoyable flavour too.


1. Chaat Masala is a Source of Minerals.
2. Chaat Masala is Full of Vitamins.
3. Chaat Masala Contains Antioxidants.
4. Chaat Masala Treats Digestive Issues.
5. Chaat Masala is Safe for Diabetic People.
6. Chaat Masala for High Blood Pressure Treatment.

Home made products. No added chemicals and preservatives

Best before 12 months from the date of packed