Hidden Secrets behind Diabetes and Natural ways to Control Diabetes - Online Training

Intensive Awareness Training on Everything  that you want know for managing Diabetes Naturally. 

Date : Dec 1st - Dec 6th 

Time: IST 8:00 PM ( 2:30 PM GMT/ 10:30 PM Singapore Time)

Duration: 1 Hr

Venue: Zoom Meeting 

Trainer: M/s Subavahini, MCA.,M.A.(Yoga), DNHE., PGDip.(Yoga Therapy.)

Diabetes Consultant | Yoga & Naturopathy Specialist 

Outcome of the Training: 

1. You will know the hidden secrets of Diabetes. How to save yourself from Diabetes even if you are not Diabetic. 

2. If your are already diabetic, this training helps Ways to Control Diabetes naturally and taper the medication. When you follow the tricks and techniques  , along with doctor advise you can reduce the dosage and very soon you can stop the medication. 

Remember Diabetes is not Disease. Find the way to control naturally.