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Best Fenugreek Halwa Mix Online Homemade
Bharthi foods

Home made Traditional Food of Fenugreek Halwa Mix 500g Bharthi foods

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Product: Fenugreek Halwa Mix

Qty: 500gm 

Preparation of Fenugreek Halwa Mix:


Bharthi Fenugreek Halwa Mix - 200gms

Water - 750ml

Karuppatti/Palm Jaggery - 200gms / 250gms(more sweetness)

nallennai/ Jingelly oil - 150ml

Step 1:

Add Palm Jaggery with little amount of water(50ml) and heat it with minimum flame till Jaggery melts.

Strain it and add it to a Pan.

Step 2:

Take a vessel and add halwa mix with given quantity of water and mix well with clean hand becoz mix with hand gives better result.(no lumbs)

Step 3:

After dilute the mix add it with jaggery syrup. Now keep mixing and cooking on a low heat till it thickens.

Add oil slowly and mix well.

Step 4:

Mix well untill the halwa does not stick with pan. Switch off the flame.

Halwa is now ready.

Allow it to cool.. Eat in moderate warmth


* It is very good body coolant (Eat twice in a week)
* It is used for bones growth
* It gives Freshness to the body

No added color, Preservatives, Artificial ingredients. 100% natural home made traditional product.

Best before 4 months from the date of packaging. 


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