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Herbalicaa Navamuligai Pads

Herbal Cloth Pad (Button Type) 2 Pack From Herbalicaa Navamuligai Pads

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Product: Herbal Cloth Pad (Button Type)

Quantity: 2 Pack

Piece: 5 Pads in one Pack

It is Cloth Type.

In this growing world, Women are being a prey to numerous diseases and barriers. One thing women needs sanitary napkins.

Many companies are using harmful chemicals and are also adding recycled materials to reduce their production cost. When this is used by women, their health becomes a big questions. 

Herbal sanitary napkins are the only solution to their period related issues and many other problems. 

We at, Herbalicaa Navamuligai pads use pure cotton, Neem, Basil, Aloe vera and 6 more herbs to produce our Herbal navamuligai Pads. 

By Using our product, Herbalicaa Navamuligai Pads, Women will get healthy period days.

It helps to prevent:

White Discharge

Uterus Infection

Bad Odour

Polycystic Ovary Discase



Bacteria and provides immunity

Heat and provides coolness

Best before 12 Months form the date of manufacturing.


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