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Buy any 4 of herbal dip extract and get one free. There are 7 types available. After placed order our executive will call and asked about desired 5 types include free. 

One Pack price: Rs. 200

Buy 4 and get 1  | Save Rs.200

Product: Herbal Dip extract 

14 dips with (Tulsi, Sangu Poo, Moringa, Nithyakalyani, Aaravam Poo, Lemon grass, Touch me Not)

Directions to use:

In 250ml of hot water just dip the herbal extract 2 to 3 mins. For sweetness can add Country sugar or Honey. Now herbal drink is ready. 

Benefits of herbs:

Sangu Poo

  • Sangu Poo reduces stress and anxiety
  • Sangu Poo cures Hair and skin diseases
  • Sangu Poo boosts Brain health and fights against cancers
  • Sangu Poo treat diabetic and regulates blood sugar level
  • Sangu Poo treats Asthma, cold, cough, headache and fever
  • Sangu Poo improves eye sight and protects from premature ageing
  • Sangu Poo gives Solution to irregular period in women
  • Sangu Poo treats uterus bleeding problem
  • Sangu Poo treat stomach ulcers


  • Moringa ability to fight and prevent diabetes
  • Moringa is a great hair growth stimulant and protects skin
  • Moringa supports brain and heart health
  • Moringa enhances wound healing and reduces weight gain
  • Moringa stabilizes Blood sugar level and energy booster
  • Moringa treats stomach disorders
  • Moringa boosts immunity and prevents stone formation
  • Moringa helps to prevent cancer
  • Moringa treat asthma and balances hormones and slow the ageing process


  • Tulsi stress buster and boost immunity
  • Tulsi purifies blood and has more vitamin K
  • Tulsi cures Headaches, fever, cold and weight loss through burning fats
  • Tulsi protect against Diabetes and fight against cancer
  • Tulsi helps to improve respiratory disorders
  • Tulsi balances Hormones


  • Nithyakalyani lowers Blood sugar and Blood pressure levels
  • Nithyakalyani Improves your memory and treats long congestion and sore throats
  • Nithyakalyani natural treatments for kidney stones
  • Nithyakalyani treats Diabetes, cancer, Asthma, Fever and Tiredness
  • Nithyakalyani improves your memory and overcomes hyper tension
  • Nithyakalyani treats stomach ulcers or dysentery
  • Nithyakalyani overcoming irregular menstruation

Touch me not:

  • Touch me not for excessive bleeding during menstruation
  • Touch me not cures piles and improves sexual potency in men
  • Touch me not for treating stomach ache, intestinal worms, Ulcers and Diabetes
  • Touch me not treats joint pain, Diarrhoea, Jundice, Asthma, high BP and itching
  • Touch me not treats hair loss, Tooth ache, sleeplessness and fractures

Aavaram Poo:

  • Aavaram Poo treats excessive thirsts and painful urination very effectively
  • Aavaram Poo keeps the body hydrated and has full of antioxidants keeps the body and skin healthy
  • Aavaram Poo helps treat diabetes and constipation
  • Aavaram Poo removes body Adour
  • Aavaram Poo treats Diabetes fever, inflammation in eyes. Ulcer and reduce blood sugar
  • Aavaram Poo improves digestion


  • Lemongrass good for digestion
  • Lemongrass  regulates High Blood Pressure and heals cold, Head ache, Muscles pain, Vomiting fever
  • Lemongrass relieves menstrual pain and stomach disorders
  • Lemongrass boosts metabolism and burns fat
  • Lemongrass rich of vitamin A and vitamin C which protects skin and hair
  • Lemongrass lowers cholesterol and prevents cancer
  • Lemongrass good for Nervous system and Type 2 Diabetes

    Note: Pregnant and Breast Feeding women should avoid. 

    Best before 18 Months from the date of manufacturing.