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Herbal Sikkaikai Powder 200g from Thendral Herbals
Thendral Herbals

Herbal Sikkaikai Powder 200g from Thendral Herbals

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Product: Herbal sikkaikai powder

Quantity: 200g

Herbal sikkaikai Powder 

Herbal shikaikai powder is home made product and made up of herbals

Herbal shikaikai powder act as a hair cleanser and promote hair growth. 

Herbal shikaikai powder is a great source of vitamins which helps to reduce the body heat and protect the hair from hair falling.

Herbal shikaikai powder nourishes the hair and maintain the moisture level of the hair. 

Herbal shikaikai powder work as natural conditioner for hair which helps to strengthen the hair roots. 

Best before 12 months from the date of manufactured. 


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