100% Organic Pure Home Made Soap 9 pieces Coconut Oil Kasthuri Manjal CoCo Brands


Product: Soap(Kasthuri Manjal)

Quantity: 9 pieces

1 Piece weight 75g

 Made from: 

100% Organic Handmade Product which Made with Pure Coconut Oil, Kasthuri Manjal with Moong dhall and bengal dhall powder, Essential Oil


Kasturimanjal is also known as wild turmeric. Among the various turmeric varieties, wild turmeric is best for external applications. Wild turmeric also effectively treats skin ailments. Unlike regular turmeric, kasturimanjal does not stain in the skin and it is very fragrant. It possesses strong anti-bacterial properties which is effective for acne treatment. The turmeric should be used with yogurt or milk, if one has sensitive skin. The people with oily skin can mix it with rose water.


  • Kasturimanjal is helpful in getting rid of facial hair.
  • Kasturimanjal enhances complexion.
  • Kasturimanjal is helpful is getting rid of dark circles.
  • Kasturimanjal makes your skin look younger.
  • Kasturimanjal treats skin tanning.
  • Kasturimanjal is effective in dealing with acne.

Best Kasthuri Manjal Soap Homemade For Skin Whitening.

Best Before 24 months from the date of manufacturing.

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