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Kazhani Farmers Producer Company Ltd

Moong Dall (Siruparuppu) 1 kg From Kazhani Farmers Producer Company Ltd

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Product: Moong Dall 

Quantity: 1 kg

Moong dall:

     Moong dalls are small beans that belong to legume family. They have been cultivated since ancient times. While native to India, Moong dal spread to China and various parts of Southeast Asia. These have a slightly sweet taste and are sold fresh, as sprouts or dried beans. They are high in nutrients and believed to aid many ailments.


  • Moong dall is packed with healthy nutrients.
  • Moong dall has high antioxidant levels may reduce chronic disease risk.
  • Moong dall helps in reducing cholesterol level.
  • Moong dall is rich in potassium, magnesium and fibre, which may reduce blood pressure.
  • Moong dall aid digestive health.
  • Moong dall lowers blood sugar level.

Best before 3 months from the date of packaging. 

We are receiving the product directly from farmers. 

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