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MustardSeeds+Cumin+FennelSeeds+Kasakasa+FenuGreek Online
Kazhani Farmers Producer Company Ltd

Anjarai Petti Items Kazhani Farmers Producer Company Ltd

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Product: Anjarai Petti Items

Mustard - 100g

Cumin - 100g

Fennel seeds - 100g

Kasakasa - 50g

Fenu Greek -100g

Best before 6 months from the date of Packaging

The product directly receiving from farmers. 

  • Mustard Seeds for urdu, telugu, tamil etc. people are used for hair, weight loss, diabetes, skin, thyroid. 
  • Cumin Seeds for weightloss, gas, piles, liver etc.
  • Kasakasa is mostly used for payasam, halwa,face etc.

fenugreek seeds or fenugreek online purchase get up to 5% discount on grocery items from Kazhani Farmers Producer Company Ltd


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