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Best Natural Herbal Hair Oil Online
Aeka Herbal Cosmetic pvt Ltd

100% Natural Herbal Hair Oil Moringa & Green Magic 100ml Aeka Herbal Cosmetic Pvt Ltd

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Product: Herbal Hair Oil

Quantity: 100ml

MORINGA & Green Magic

The Iron in Moringa Brings Oxygen to your hair roots ; Its Zinc content stimulates hair growth; The essential ammino acids in Moringa builds Healthy hair strands and its Omega 3s nourishes your Hair.

5 GREENS For Dark , Healthy ,Shiny Hair

Mudakathaan Keerai, Ponanganni Keerai, Arai keerai, Mulai Keerai,  Vallarai Keerai

Amla, Bringha, Curry Leaves, Henna, Hibiscus, Lotus, Jatamansi, Aloe Vera, Java-Pepper are our few key ingredients, which we believe will create the magic in you.


  • Apply the YEKA Herbal Hair Oil at least 30 minutes before bath on your first usage. Over the period, you can leave it overnight for better results.
  • Gently massage it onto your scalp and comb your hair to evenly spread the oil from roots to tips.
  • Avoid Vigorous massage. It may weaken your hair roots.
  • For better results, use it at least thrice a week


  • Gives Irresistible softness to your hair.
  • The Extra Penetrating Oil promotes HAIR GROWTH
  • It helps in reducing HAIR FALL.
  • Intense Repair Therapy aids in hair regrowth in BALD AREAS.
  • It prevents PREMATURE GRAYING of hair & darkens your hair.
  • Instantly smoothes and tames your frizzy hair.
  • Combats Dandruff, Lice & other Hair Related Infections
  • It controls sleeplessness.

Best before 3 years from the date of manufacturing.

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