100% Natural ILA Perfumed Light Herbal Hair oil 200ml Aeka Herbal Cosmetic pvt Ltd

Product: Perfumed Light Herbal Hair oil 

Quantity: 200ml


Enriched with the unique blend of curry leaves ,hibiscus extract & Vitamin E oil.

Mineral Oil, Curry Leaf (extract), Hibiscus (extract) & Vitamin E tocopherol 


  • Curry Leaves nourishes your hair. Regular application of ILA helps in retaining your natural hair colour.
  • Hibiscus Extracts gives your hair the natural shine.
  • The Oil enriched with Vitamin E hydrates your hair and retains the moisture without any greasy build up.

USAGE: Suitable for daily use.

Get rid of your dull, frizzy hair now with every use of ILA!

Best before 3 years from the date of Manufactured.