Samba Iddiyappam Flour 500g Palmar Food products

Product: Samba Iddiyappam Flour

Quantity: 500g

Samba Rice:

     Samba rice is a variety of rice grown in Tamil Nadu, some other parts of India and Sri Lanka, and has a small ovular grain, compared to long basmati grain. It has a distinct taste and thus is acquired mainly by locals. The grain itself is much harder than the other varieties and when cooked is less ‘fluffy’ in texture so gives a more filling meal with a higher caloric level. All samba rice grain is harvested locally and there are many sub-varieties ranging in grain size and price.


  • Samba Rice is a good source of iron and zinc.
  • Samba Rice helps to reduce cholesterol.
  • Samba Rice helps in fighting cancer.
  • Samba Rice is rich in fibre.
  • Samba Rice eases digestion.
  • Samba Rice contains all nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, fat and so on.

100% Natural Home Made products. 

Best before 3 months from the date of packaging